Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Services

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platforms have seen wider adoption in security operations centers. We offer a variety of expert services for organizations investing in security automation to streamline their incident response processes.

Security Automation in SOCs

SOAR combines the power of automation, orchestration, and incident response to streamline security processes, improve incident detection and remediation, and ultimately strengthen your organization’s overall security. Although sometimes referred to as just security orchestration or security automation, SOAR platforms provide a comprehensive approach to identify, centralize, triage, research and remediate cybersecurity incidents at machine speeds using automated workflows. 

Benefits of SOAR

SOAR platforms automate routine and repetitive security tasks, reducing the manual effort required by security analysts.

SOAR solutions integrate with various security tools and systems to collect and analyze data from multiple sources in real-time.

SOAR enables standardization in security operations by enforcing predefined workflows so the same procedures are followed consistently for similar incidents.

SOAR platforms integrate with threat intelligence feeds and vulnerability management systems to automatically enrich security events with relevant contextual information.

SOAR solutions facilitate collaboration among SOC analysts by providing a centralized platform where analysts communicate, share insights, and collaborate on investigations.

Our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Services 

Our security consultants have deep experience with some of the most common SOAR platforms. We conducted some of the first SOAR implementations over a decade ago and continue to utilize these proven best practices to implement security automation and help organizations respond to threats faster.

SOC Automation: Real World ROI

The Real-World Return on Investment from Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

How to calculate the return on investment for security orchestration, automation and response

See how one Phoenix Cyber customer reduced their security operations center tier 1 workload by 75% after implementing SOAR.

Swimlane Low-Code Security Automation Expertise

Swimlane Certified Delivery Partner

Our cybersecurity consultants have worked extensively within the Swimlane Low-Code Security Automation platform and with numerous key Swimlane customers to implement and integrate the SOAR solution. We were named Swimlane’s first SOAR Certified Delivery Partner and offer several tailored services to current and prospective Swimlane customers including:

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