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Your Cybersecurity Team

“Tailor a strategy with a focus on rock-solid security operations.”

Implementing the tools and developing the processes and team to protect your organization from cyber-attack may require some expertise that you currently don’t have in-house. Phoenix Data Security Inc. DBA Phoenix Cyber will help you identify your vulnerabilities, select the most appropriate tools, develop rock-solid processes, and automate the tasks required to strengthen your security operations.

Please let us know if you need help.

Your Cybersecurity Posture

We are a leading cybersecurity consulting company providing security engineering, operations, and technical cybersecurity expertise to organizations determined to mitigate risk and safeguard their business. Since 2011, security teams from Fortune 500 enterprises, federal government agencies, and service providers have trusted us to deliver results-oriented, cybersecurity solutions and enhance the processes and technology used by their security operations centers. 

Cybersecurity Services

Assess, Architect, Integrate, Operate & Sustain

Cybersecurity Services

Custom-tailored services to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy, projects or operations.

Security Automation Services

Automate Workflows and Playbooks

Security Automation Services

Automate 80-90% of your cyber incident response process.

Government Services

Federal Cybersecurity Services & Contract Vehicles

Government Services

Cybersecurity Services for the U.S. Federal Government and Prime Contractors.

Your Cybersecurity Priorities

If you are like most cybersecurity organizations, your alert queue fills up regularly, your resources are overwhelmed, and you can’t seem to find the talent to fill your open positions.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) sounds like the answer—it will automate your time-consuming tasks, execute your standardized workflows, and free up your existing resources to focus on critical issues.

But, where do you start?

Phoenix Cyber can help you get started. Just let us know which tools or processes you want to automate and our team will handle the rest.

Ready to automate part of your cyber defense?

Our Capabilities

We provide services to help you engineer, operate, or sustain any of the following cybersecurity solutions. If you have a certain product brand in mind, let us know. If not, we are happy to assess your environment and recommend an appropriate tool.

“We feel that Security Operations is so important to the success of our projects that we actually create the Operational Processes and Automated Workflows while we are developing the initial Technical Design.”

Brian Kafenbaum, Phoenix Cyber

“Our security services are very different. Our on-premises security automation and orchestration approach means that we are executing 80-90% of your incident response process at machine-speeds with automated workflows.”

Brian Kafenbaum, Phoenix Cyber

“In our view, continual improvement is part of the project lifecycle. To realize the full business value of the solution, you need to continually revisit and optimize the engineering, operations and sustainment stages.”

Brian Kafenbaum, Phoenix Cyber

“We identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) early in our operational design. We are always thinking about ‘what we are going to measure’ in order to manage and optimize the performance of the solution.”

Brian Kafenbaum, Phoenix Cyber

Why Phoenix?

Our Enterprise and Federal Government clients have shared that these are some of the reasons they chose Phoenix. Click [+] to expand.

Phoenix Cybersecurity | Why Phoenix?

Phoenix architects solutions with a foundation of solid industry relationships, best practices, and an understanding of our organization’s long-term cybersecurity objectives.

They apply lessons learned from previous implementations to our projects, including: proven processes, tribal knowledge, operational efficiencies and performance goals.

Phoenix understands how cybercriminals think and how cybersecurity technologies work to defend attack vectors and malicious campaigns—at an expert level.

They implement applications and workflows with an emphasis on user training, solution sustainment, executive reporting and return on investment.

Phoenix has an impressive track-record of delivering successful cybersecurity projects to satisfied Enterprise and Federal Government clients, since 2011.

Alert Fatigue1
Unfilled Security Positions2
Unresolved Alerts3

Where would you like to start?

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