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Leading cybersecurity consulting services

Phoenix Cyber Consulting Services

Implementing the security tools and developing the cybersecurity processes to protect your organization from threats may require expertise you currently don’t have.  

Since 2011, Fortune 500 enterprises, federal government agencies, and leading service providers have trusted Phoenix Cyber to deliver results-oriented, cybersecurity solutions and enhance the processes and technology used by their security operations centers. 

Our cybersecurity services

Security engineering and architecture

Designing, building, implementing, and integrating robust cybersecurity solutions

Security engineering and architecture

With our engineering methodology we simultaneously design the technical architecture, operational processes, and management schedules to optimize the use of your security tools. 

Security operations

Managing, responding to, and remediating security incidents and threats

Security operations

Leading security operations experts focus on monitoring security alerts, investigating potential security incidents, creating playbooks and automated workflows, and responding to threats in real-time. 

Technical security expertise

Providing cybersecurity tool maintenance, management, and technical support

Technical security expertise

Cybersecurity experts providing maintenance, management, and technical support services to keep your security tools healthy and your security analysts productive.

Trusted in the most complex security environments 

Serving as cybersecurity consultants to numerous U.S. Federal government agencies and well-known Fortune 500 organizations, we have proven processes to improve your security posture and operations.  

“It’s been expressed to me numerous times how much they appreciate having [a Phoenix Cyber consultant] on their team, especially emphasizing his expertise, his responsiveness and his willingness to go the extra mile. In the sixteen years I’ve been working with [this U.S. Federal government client], I have never heard more praise and appreciation expressed.” 

-Anonymous, U.S. Federal Government Prime Contractor 

Federal government client realizes over 250% increase in efficiency by automating privacy and compliance requirements with new application

Our cybersecurity expertise 

“We pride ourselves on being true partners to our clients, offering tailored cybersecurity solutions specifically designed to address their unique security environment and risks.”

Brian Kafenbaum, Founder and Managing Partner

“Our people are our differentiator. And the security expertise they provide, combined with our commitment to innovation and top-notch service, sets us apart and allows us to deliver real business value to our clients.”

Brian Kafenbaum, Founder and Managing Partner

Why Phoenix Cyber?

Our Enterprise and Federal Government clients say these are some of the reasons they chose us.

Phoenix Cyber Differentiators

Our security consultants have a deep understanding of the latest cybersecurity threats, as well as the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to protect against them. We combine this expertise with innovative solutions to achieve your organization’s cybersecurity objectives.

We focus solely in cybersecurity, which means our security consultants understand how cybercriminals think and how complex security processes and technologies can and should work together to defend against threats—at an expert level.

While partnering with Federal government agencies and some of the largest enterprises, our cybersecurity consultants understand how to make industry best practices and processes a reality in the most complex and highly regulated security environments.

Our senior-level security consultants understand the importance of building operational processes and metrics while designing the technical aspects of your project. This strategy ensures your new security tools are quickly integrated into your security environment to provide immediate ROI.

We’ve been delivering successful cybersecurity projects to satisfied enterprise and Federal government clients since 2011. Our clients consider us a “center of excellence” for cybersecurity automation and security program management.

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