Data Protection Services

Securing the data of your customers, employees, and the broader organization requires a comprehensive data security strategy along with the appropriate policies and security tools in place to mitigate riskPhoenix Cyber cybersecurity consultants are experts in assessing your requirements, recommending, and implementing a variety of data security services to minimize the possibility of data loss.  

The Cost of a Data Breach, Can You Afford It?

Classifying and protecting data from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction is a necessary requirement in today’s cyber environment. As of 2023, the average cost of a data breach is $4.45M. We work with our clients to proactively protect their data and reputation by providing a wide range of data security and protection services. 

Benefits of Data Protection

Having to shut down business operations is costly and disruptive to your employees and customers. Backup and recovery plans are critical to minimize downtime, enabling swift recovery of data and minimal disruption to operations.

Failure to protect a client’s data can impact an organization’s reputation and performance. Investing in data protection solutions can lead to significant cost savings by avoiding data breaches, legal liabilities, and the downtime caused by data loss.

Most industries have strict regulations regarding data privacy and security including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, among others. Implementing data protection strategies ensures compliance with these regulations, avoiding legal repercussions and possible financial penalties.

Bad press and public relations relating to data breaches can be difficult to overcome and can have a negative impact on your bottom-line. Data protection solutions contribute to building and maintaining trust, a vital component in customer retention and brand reputation.

Cybersecurity solutions and data protection platforms can help identify vulnerabilities and potential risks. By employing encryption, access controls, and other security measures, these strategies and solutions minimize the risk of costly data breaches.

Our Data Security Services

Our cybersecurity consulting services provide a vendor-neutral approach by identifying the best security tools to support each client based on their current technology ecosystem and business requirements. Our data security services include: 

Next-Level Data Loss Prevention with Low-Code Security Automation

Next-Level Data Loss Prevention with Low-Code Security Automation

Watch this video to see how to streamline your data loss prevention processes and reduce the risk of data loss within your organization.

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