Phoenix Data Security, Inc. Rebrands Company “Phoenix Cybersecurity”

Company rolls out new name, logo and website to align with services portfolio

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Jul. 24, 2018 – Phoenix Data Security, Inc. refreshes company brand with new “Phoenix Cybersecurity” DBA, logo and website. The changes better align external branding and marketing with the company’s continued focus on delivering enterprise-class cybersecurity engineering, operations, sustainment and managed security services.

“The new name reflects the type of projects that we have been delivering to our clients over the last few years,” said Brian Kafenbaum, Managing Partner of Phoenix Cybersecurity. “Since 2011, our services have matured to include a broader set of cybersecurity solutions and partners. Our website now reflects a more comprehensive view of our cybersecurity services offering, including Allesao, our new pay-per-workflow Managed Security Service for clients that would like an easier way to implement automation and orchestration in their security operations center.”

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For years, Phoenix has been dedicated to helping healthcare providers, financial services companies, and prime contractors for the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Federal Government agencies. However, the volume, complexity, and impact of cyber-threats, alerts, and attacks are overwhelming security operation teams in every industry. “The new Phoenix Cybersecurity brand and Allesao Managed SOAR service will help these organizations better understand how our expertise and services can help them be more successful,” said Kafenbaum.

The addition of Allesao expands the company’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) practice and services portfolio. Allesao helps understaffed enterprise security operations teams significantly reduce the flood of alerts their analysts see every day with a cost-effective way to automate their current incident response processes.

The new Phoenix Cybersecurity brand, logo, and services portfolio are now online at

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Phoenix Cybersecurity is a national provider of cybersecurity engineering, operations, sustainment and managed security services to enterprise and government organizations determined to strengthen their security posture and enhance the processes and technology used by their security operations center. Our team comprises senior cybersecurity consultants and engineers with expertise in architecting results-oriented, cybersecurity frameworks; and the operational processes to ensure accurate incident detection, enrichment and response. Our unique blend of security automation, orchestration and proven best practices differentiates Phoenix-architected solutions from traditional cybersecurity services. For more information, visit

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