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The addition of predictive models, machine learning and orchestration is improving the effectiveness of Endpoint Security tools, but it’s also introducing a new level of complexity. These advanced solutions will require more sophisticated security architectures, integrations and processes than their predecessors. Phoenix has the skill and experience to help you take full advantage of these next-generation Endpoint Security technologies and bolster your team with automation and professional services.

Protecting Your Devices and Users

Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools are constantly evolving to better protect your users and the devices they use to access your data. While most organizations have used anti-virus and anti-spam applications for years, the investments in advanced Endpoint Security technologies are still on the rise. New next-generation tools are capturing the interest of both commercial and government security operations teams, as they look for solutions to help with the proliferation of remote and mobile users accessing internal systems and SaaS applications located outside their primary domain. The more advanced Endpoint Security solutions are not only stopping known and unknown malicious viruses, but they are including tools for workflow automation, investigation and response. Phoenix can help you design, integrate and optimize your Endpoint Security solution. Our experience in security automation and orchestration helps us architect security operations processes that provide holistic visibility, detection and response for your endpoints and beyond.

Leading Endpoint Security Tools

Our clients regularly select these leading technologies to protect their devices, users, and data. We provide Engineering, Operations and Sustainment services to help install, configure, optimize and administer their custom implementations. Since these tools are often “end-user facing,” our delivery team focuses on completely understanding your change management process to expertly tune these tools and minimize any negative impact on the user experience.

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Transforming Endpoint Security with Big Data Analytics

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A next-generation, cloud-based platform that can predict and prevent known, unknown, and emerging threats to enhance endpoint protection, detection and response.

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Reimagine Protection with Unlimited Scope and Unprecedented Speed


The only full-stack endpoint protection platform that stops targeted attacks before damage and loss with the people you already have using Artificial Intelligence.


Swiftly Detect, Prevent, and Correct Advanced Threats


Built for integration and automation, McAfee solutions help solve your biggest security challenges. It takes a team of humans and machines, working as one.

Endpoint Security Services

Our Endpoint Security services are designed to complement your internal team while delivering optimized and automated processes to protect your server, desktop and mobile devices. Just let us know where you need help and we will customize our Engineering, Operations, and Sustainment services, accordingly. If you are looking for a new Endpoint Security solution, we can help you select and implement the most effective solution for your environment and budget.

Endpoint Security Engineering

Engineering a next-generation Endpoint Security solution may require some expertise that you don’t currently have in-house. Phoenix engineers can help you plan, architect, design and integrate your preferred Network Security tool. Our methodology is different from most integrators, because we design all our solutions with an “eye towards operations”. In fact, we will design your operational processes and sustainment schedules at the same time we are designing your technical architecture. This holistic approach expedites the “go live” of your new solution so your organization will see immediately value. If you are interested in security automation and orchestration, our engineers can also design your automated workflows, documentation, testing plans, training tools and performance metrics.

Endpoint Security Operations

In most Security Operations Centers, the design and installation of a new security tool is performed by an engineering team separate from the security analysts and engineers that will use the tool to detect, protect and respond to threats. Preparing playbooks and processes for these new tools can be overwhelming to an operations team that is already thin on expert resources. If your team is struggling to get your new tool into production, Phoenix engineers can help. Our experts can professionally-design custom Endpoint Security playbooks based on your current security operations and change-management processes. We can also optimize your existing playbooks, train your analysts, establish measurable metrics, build reports and dashboards, and prepare documentation for solution sustainability and future enhancements. Our team specializes in preparing security operations teams for automation. So, whether you just want to use the automation and orchestration features of your new Endpoint Security tool, or take advantage of a more robust SOAR platform, Phoenix engineers can take your manual playbook processes and migrate them to automated workflows.

Endpoint Security Sustainment

Your new Endpoint Security platform will require scheduled maintenance, administration and technical support. As part of a professional services or manage services engagement with Phoenix, we can include services that make sure your security tools are healthy and your security analysts remain productive. These services include: patches, software updates, availability services, capacity planning, tool optimizations, operational improvements, health checks, backups, helpdesk and even cloud migrations. If you prefer to deliver these services with internal resources, Phoenix can design an appropriate Sustainment Schedule for your Endpoint Security tools. This schedule will document the required and recommended monthly, quarterly and annual administrative activities.

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