Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO, SOAR or SOAPA) platforms have continued to catch the interest of enterprise security operations teams. But not every organization is ready to make the investment in the software platform, security tools, SecOps processes and DevOps resources required to take full advantage of the available capabilities. Phoenix Cybersecurity’s Allesao Managed SAO service is a great option for enterprises with smaller security operations teams that need help getting started with automation and orchestration.


Allesao | Managed Security Automation and Orchestration

Allesao is a service that delivers an on-premises Security Automation and Orchestration platform specifically configured for the customer’s operational workflows. The all-inclusive Managed Security Service consists of the platform, security tools, integrations and services (engineering, operations and sustainment) to automate and orchestrate the customer’s security operations playbooks. The monthly service delivers immediate value to any resource-constrained Security Operations team by automating their “most time-consuming” tasks or new security tools they’ve been putting off.


Pay Per Workflow

Allesao’s unique pay-per-workflow subscription model makes Automated Incident Response available to organizations that may have previously dismissed SAO, SOAR or SOAPA solutions due to price, expertise or resource constraints. The solution is perfect for security teams that have trouble attracting, recruiting and retaining security resources. For the price of an analyst, organizations can relieve some of the stress on their current security operations resources by automating a workflow with Allesao. Once the platform is in place, additional applications and workflows are easily added at a fraction of the cost.


Incident Response at Machine-speeds

The purpose of SAO, SOAR and SOAPA solutions is to run security operations tasks at machine-speeds to improve Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) and allow security analysts to focus on higher-priority responsibilities. Allesao is an enterprise-class SAO platform delivered as a Managed Security Service. But, different from a typical MSSP service, Allesao automatically executes 80-90% of your incident response tasks—significantly reducing the number of alerts sent to analysts for triage, enrichment and remediation.


SecOps, DevOps and Admin Resources

As a Managed Security Service, Allesao includes engineering and operations services delivered by Phoenix Cybersecurity experts. Our engineers will integrate the selected security tools and develop the automated workflows, following industry best practices, existing customer playbooks and established change management processes. The service also includes sustainment services to install patches, update software and optimize processes on a regular schedule.


Industry-leading Security Tools

With Allesao, the customer chooses the security tool they would like to automate. If they don’t have a preference, we can assess their environment and recommend the most appropriate tool. Allesao has over 100 integrations out of the box with more on the way. Typical automated solutions include: Data Protection, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Phishing Detection & Response, SIEM Incident Response, Threat Hunting, User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Vulnerability Management, eMail Security and Administrative Tasks like security operations reporting and dashboards.


Why Allesao?

Allesao provides enterprises with limited budgets and overwhelmed cybersecurity resources with an affordable, fully-managed Security Automation and Orchestration platform. Allesao’s pay-per-workflow model means that organizations can start with just one Use Case and add additional workflows as they need to scale. The annual subscription and monthly payment format of this all-inclusive service reduces the financial and technical risks associated with investing in a traditional Security Automation and Orchestration solution.

If you would like to see Allesao in action, please Request a Demo or visit our website to Learn More about the service.